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 Join us from August 26-29, 2015 in Rio de Janeiro for the IAA's Annual Conference!

This year’s International Anaplastology Association Conference focuses on teamwork and collaboration among Anaplastology, Medicine and Dentistry.  Exchanging our experiences with our colleagues and speakers will be a great opportunity to learn new solutions to treat our patients with the up-to-date technologies. The social programs will allow us to connect with new and old friends in a friendly and warm environment.

Holding hands to improve quality of life through the concept of osseointegration is an outstanding program. The keynote speakers will cover topics related to facial and somato rehabilitation through art and science. Anders Tjellström, MD., PhD, former Professor at the Department of Otolaryngology at Salgrenska University Hospital, Gothenburg, Sweden will discuss the use of osseointegrated implants for craniofacial rehabilitation and bone conduction hearing aids.  Rickard Brånemark, MD., PhD, owner of Integrum, will discuss the benefits of using osseointegrated implants for somato prostheses. Ricardo Lopes da Cruz, MD, TCBC, is a Craniofacial Surgion with wide experience in complex rehabilitation through plastic surgery. Hubert Vermeersch, MD., PhD, is currently Head of the Department for Head and Neck Surgery of the Gent University Hospitals and Academic Departmental Head of the Nose, Ear. He will address the complex facial reconstruction by vascularized composite allo-transplantation: synergy between surgeon, anaplastologist and clinical engineer.

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Traveling to Brazil 

The 2015 Conference is right around the corner. Depending on the nationality of your passport, an approved Travel Visa may be required to travel to Brazil.  

Please click here to be routed to the Visit Brazil website.  Filled with practical tips and information ranging from passports and visas to climate and even currency, this website will be extremely helpful in making your travel arrangements run smoothly.  

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