Bylaws & Ethics Committee

The By-laws and Ethics Committee is co-chaired by the Immediate Past President and the Director in the second year of their two year term.  

 Within two weeks following the Annual Meeting:

  • Assemble Bylaws Committee. The Immediate Past President acts as Parliamentarian to insure the IAA Board follows the Bylaws. Contact any other Past Presidents to serve on the Committee as needed.

Throughout the year:

  • Develop amendments as needed in order for our Bylaws to protect the association, its officers and Members. Bylaws and Handbook should reflect current operating procedures. Work with Executive Director to update Handbook annually. 
  • If Bylaws amendments are necessary, develop amendments and propose them to the Board. 
  • Tactfully point out occasions when Members or the Board take actions that are not in compliance with the Bylaws. 
  • Point out actions the Board needs to take to be in compliance with the Bylaws. 
  • This committee is in charge of monitoring and enforcing the Bylaws.
  • Duties include development and interpretation of the Code of Ethics for IAA members. Refer to Section XII in the Bylaws. 
  • Code of Ethics violations can be brought to this committee’s attention via members or non-members.

In preparation for the Annual Meeting:

  • When Bylaws amendments are approved by the Board, submit to Executive Director so that they can be sent to the Members as part of the Meeting Notice.