The programs and projects of the IAA are developed and managed by its committees. The Board of Directors appoints committee chairpersons. The small size of the IAA makes it critical that members actively commit their time and talents to the work of committees — to advance the IAA and the profession. Although most appointments are made in the thirty days following an annual meeting, volunteers are accepted throughout the year. Listed below are the current committees.


  • Program Committee This committee oversees planning and development of the annual conference. The annual conference is the primary continuing education focus of the IAA. This committee selects a theme for the conference and works with the professional conference planner to determine facility needs. Duties include the recruitment of speakers, distribution of "Call for Papers," evaluation of papers and establishing the conference agenda. Co-chairs: President-Elect and Director. 
  • Nominating Committee This committee solicits a slate of candidates for annual officer and Board vacancies in accordance with the bylaws. Co-chairs: President-Elect and Immediate Past President. 
  • Bylaws and Ethics Committee This committee develops guidelines and protocols for the Association. The Immediate Past President serves as Parliamentarian to insure that actions of the Board are in compliance with the bylaws. This committee is comprised of the last (4) four IAA presidents (one of which is the Immediate Past President) and is co-chaired by the Immediate Past President and the Director in the second year of their two year term. Amendments and revisions to the bylaws are submitted to the Board. Duties include development and interpretation of the Code of Ethics for IAA members. Co-chairs: Immediate Past President and Director serving the second year of their two year term. 


  • Education Committee This committee ensures high quality educational programs that meet the needs of the IAA members. Chair: Juan Garcia Send email
  • Future Sites Committee This committee identifies potential cities for future annual meetings. They work with the IAA board and the professional conference planner to decide locations and dates for upcoming conferences. Chair: Paula Sauerborn Send email 
  • International Journal of Anaplastology Committee This committee oversees the planning and production of the journal. The International Journal of Anaplastology is published twice yearly. Chair: Robert Mann Send email 
  • Legislative and Advocacy Committee This committee interfaces with appropriate Congressional and Administrative representatives, as well as national organizations to advocate on behalf of the legislative and reimbursement issues impacting IAA members. Chair: Julie Jordan Brown Send email 
  • Membership Committee This committee accepts and evaluates membership applications and makes a recommendation to the Board. They also welcome new members and solicit potential members. The chair works with the Executive Director on annual membership renewal and maintains an electronic version of the member directory on the anaplastology website. Co-chairs: Gillian Duncan Send email and Anne-Marie Riedinger Send email. 
  • Newsletter Committee This committee solicits articles, coordinates content and production of the IAA newsletter to keep membership informed and up to date on news and events that affect the association and its members. The newsletter is published quarterly. Chair: Akhila Regunathan Send email 
  • Public Relations/Communications Committee This committee develops and reviews communication material, which promotes the IAA and its mission. This includes website content and printed communications, as well as the IAA exhibit and portfolio. This committee responds to media inquiries in addition to responding to individual inquiries about Anaplastology. The chairperson works in consult with an appointed member of the Board. Chair: Sharon Haggerty Send email 
  • Sponsor Recruitment Committee This committee identifies vendors and sponsors to participate at our annual meetings and works closely with the professional conference planner to solicit participation. Chair: Executive Director Send email 
  • Web Site Committee This committee manages content on the IAA website, works with the programmer on updates requiring technological skills, and develops the list serve for members. Chair: Paul Tanner Send email 

If you can contribute to any one of these committees by using your talents or resources, please volunteer.  We need you!