The International Anaplastology Association is an international organization founded in 1980 as the American Anaplastology Association and incorporated in California as a 501c6 Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation. The association originated to bring together a wide variety of specialists involved in providing restorative prostheses for patients with facial and somato disfigurements due to cancer, trauma, or congenital origin.

IAA's Mission

The IAA promotes quality patient care by supporting the development of best practices in anaplastology through educational conferences, networking, publication, and advocacy opportunities.

IAA's Vision

The International Anaplastology Association is the recognized global forum for excellence in continuing education, research, and innovation in anaplastology.

The IAA embraces these core values...

  • To create an intellectual climate where members can come from diverse professions and turn information into knowledge.
  • To introduce old and new members to ideas that will encourage critical thinking.
  • To provide a respectful atmosphere in which members express their view, show their work and listen and learn from the work and views of others.