Future Sites Committee

The Future Sites Chair is appointed by the Board. This office does not have a term limit. 

Future Sites Mission: 

To increase awareness of the field of anaplastology and our rehabilitative role as allied healthcare clinicians. This is accomplished by gathering, analyzing and narrowing selection of future meeting sites that balance convenience, costs and team-building networking opportunities between IAA membership and collaborative healthcare fields. A range of associations, foundations and non-profit organizations are identified that would be of interest to the IAA to collaborate and network with. This list is continually updated and added to. The list represents the various aspects of the team approach to patient treatment and rehabilitation and patient support as well as technological advancement of the field of anaplastology. The format of the list is an excel spread sheet with: entity’s contact information, meeting dates, city, venue, meeting theme, and frequency of future conferences.  Please contact the previous Future Sites Chair for the list if you do not have one. Other activities generated are:                                                                          :
  • To list functions to provide the PR Chair with IAA marketing strategies. 
  • Raise awareness through networking opportunities and reciprocal advertising of the event on each other’s websites and printed materials. 
  • Give an opportunity for IAA members to speak at other association’s annual meetings. 
  • Draw specific topic-oriented recognized experts for collaborative plenary sessions and individual speakers within the IAA conference program.
Description of Duties:
  • Keep an “Existing Collaborative Association” list current and make available to Board of Directors upon request.  Add additional collaborative associations and foundations as they are created and as we become aware of them. The list is continually expanding to reflect our global presence.
  • Identify best possible cities/collaborative associations for the upcoming 3 years.
  • Submit collaborative association’s upcoming meetings page to coincide with IJA publishing schedule. The IJA "International Meetings of Interest" column informs members of educational and networking opportunities. This is especially helpful for members that may live near to the city where a meeting is occurring. The IAA meeting locations for the upcoming 2 year should appear on this list.               
  • Liaise with the PR Chair when needed.
  • Contact is made to explore which associations are open to working collaboratively with the IAA for the upcoming years. We must remember our identity as the leading experts in anaplastology. Our image as such is important. An informal inquiry is made with a leadership contact. A formal proposal outlining the benefits and risks to both entities is drafted and first to the IAA Board. After approval, the formal proposal is forwarded to the collaborating organization. A response is to be expected within 60 days. Remember, the benefits and risks may range from a shared social event, to co-location, or a joint meeting.