2021 IAA Virtual Conference Information:

The International Anaplastology Association is excited to invite you join us for our 34th Annual Educational Conference and our very first virtual conference! While 2020 undoubtedly dealt us a great number of challenges to overcome, the IAA seized the opportunity to expand its educational programming through the 2020 Access Anaplastology Web Series, offering 10 Webinars and 3 Online Training Courses over a period of six months. This program broadened access to anaplastology-focused content around the globe and allowed the IAA to explore and refine our approach to delivering quality educational experiences in a virtual context.  We believe we have laid the groundwork to continue offering first-class learning opportunities in 2021 through the continuation of the Access Anaplastology Web Series and the 2021 IAA Virtual Conference.

The 2021 IAA Virtual Conference will be held ONLINE, June 4th & 5, 2021

  • This 2-day event will include presentations, demonstrations, roundtable sessions, and much more!
  • Scheduled events will occur live between 10:00 am – 5:30 pm Eastern Standard Time.
  • All registered participants will have access to a recording of conference events for a period of two weeks following the conferences.

Conference Theme: The Dance

We recognize that this year’s theme is somewhat abstract. What do we mean by the dance? This theme was inspired by reflections on how anaplastology providers, our patients, and this organization have found themselves needing to gracefully navigate around various challenges, confront resistance and demonstrate resilience. Dance involves identifying a beat, establishing rhythm, adapting to changes, ups and downs, quick and slow, leadership, partnership, and trust. Dance can be methodical and leaves room for interpretation and exploration. There are myriad metaphors we can apply to draw relationships between dance and our work as clinical anaplastologists, the evolution and future of our profession, and even our patients’ experiences throughout the processes of rehabilitation.

This conference schedule will include presenters who creatively embrace this theme in sharing about their research and experiences. Topics we aim to address include, but are not limited to: 

  • Patient outcomes/satisfaction
  • Materials and techniques
  • Implant technology
  • 3d applications to treatment planning and fabrication
  • Alternative treatment options
  • Scope of practice evolution/expansion
  • Remote/satellite treatment
  • Business development and best practices
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The IAA recognizes and embraces the diverse group of professionals who play a role in providing quality patient care. Our patient populations and healthcare systems vary dramatically, yet our goal is the same ­– to ensure patients have the opportunity for improved quality of life by providing access to the exceptional facial and somatic prosthetic services. We look forward to sharing with you about the innovative and collaborative approaches various professionals take to achieve this goal.

Interested in presenting? Learn more about Oral & Poster Presentation Guidelines & Abstract Submission Deadlines >


Registration for the 2021 IAA Virtual Conference will open February 15th, 2021.

 Fees are listed in U.S. Dollars (USD).

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